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General Services Provided At The Philippine Embassy In UK
Consular Help - The Philippine consulate may provide consular services to Philippine nationals. This service includes, offer in the event of an accident, serious illness or death, and organise for to be informed, help during crisis situations such as civil disorder and natural catastrophes as well as witness and certify signatures and offer certain other notarial and legal services, for which fees are payable.

Philippine Passport - Philippine nationals can also acquire the Philippine passport application form and procedures to apply for Philippine passport or travel documents by getting in touch with Philippine Embassy in London.

Philippine Visa - The Philippine Embassies and Consular Offices are the only Competent Philippine Government Agencies, who are authoried to grant Philippine visas overseas. In order to prevent any kind of problems that might come up when boarding flights or at Philippine ports of entry due to possible miscommunication, travellers are highly advised to apply with the Philippine Embassy and Consular Offices in United Kingdom to get Philippine visas before going.

Economical Affairs - The embassy in London deals with the complete variety of bilateral and multilateral economic matters as well as environmental, science and technology matters.

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